Our products

  • Aseri Night

    Originates from the Ordovician-age Aseri deposit and the Aseri sedimentary strata. High quality limestone with a deep, undulating pattern. Colours vary from light to dark grey. Ideal for interior products such as both floor and wall tiles and it is also eye catching as a cpuntertop, coffee table or shelf. Aseri öö is also very good for outdoor use in all kinds of kind of climates, it is a very versatile stone.

  • Borealis limestone

    Borealis limestone, also known as ring or shell limestone, is largely composed of the spores of the borealis borealis fossils. This distinctive sedimentary layer was formed at the beginning of the Silurian era, around 440 million years ago, when the Estonian area was covered by a tropical shallow sea. Colours of this stone vary between light beige, pink and purple tones, sometimes yellow with white ring patterns of fossilized cones inside. Suitable for interior use as floor and wall tiles. 1cm thick tile of borealis limestone is very effective with backlighting. A stone that is extremely rare and highly valued in the world, with good workability and eye-catching apparance.

  • Kunda Golden and Kunda Black

    High quality limestone from the Lasnamäe deposit of the Väo layer. The distinctive feature of this stone is the ochre-yellow pattern, which is strongly distinguishable on a grey background. The existence of yellow marks in the stone varies from modest to abundant. The stone itself is pale grey to deep dark grey, sometimes resembling a cosmos. There are also many Nautiloid fossils and pyrite deposits present in the stone. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, with its striking and distinctive colours and patterns, it is a good choice for worktops, wall tiles or utility items. It can withstand both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Valkla stone

    The different layers of the Väo layer of the Lasnamäe deposits are the most common limestone building material in Estonia, used for paving, masonry, gateposts and anything else that can be made from limestone. A large part of Tallinn's Old Town was built using stones from the Lasnamäe deposit in medieval times. Lasnamäe rocks are quarried from two different deposits, according to our need. We honour old customs and traditions, and at the same time we appreciate the qualities of this stone in the production of more modern interior design or consumer goods.