Discover the beauty of Estonian limestone!

For centuries, our limestone has been used as a good building material in Estonia, you can still see it in the Old Town of Tallinn. Now our limestone is becoming well appreciated in all over Europe.

Our limestone originates from the bottom of the Paleobaltic sea which was situated here billions of years ago. This stone withstands our harsh climate, variety of temperatures and moisture, this makes it suitable to use indoors and outdoors for various purposes.

In Estonia limestone is in the ground as layers and different layers provide different properties, which gives us many possibilities to produce building materials, pavement slabs, home décor and other practical products. We collect our raw material from many different quarries in Estonia, to provide various colours and patterns. The highest quality products are handpicked from the right quarry and from the right layer. Most of our stone is extracted with line sawing or pneumatical expansion, we also use precise modern technologies in areas where the stone is extra thick.

The quality of Põhjakivi stone products is well known in Estonia since 1980. Põhjakivi is a registered trademark. The production processes are organised within the principles of circular economy. We are open to all enquiries, big or small.

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Popular stones

  • Aseri Night

  • Borealis limestone

  • Kunda Golden and Kunda Black

  • Valkla stone