About us

Põhjakivi OÜ is run by people whose journey into the stone industry began through passion and love for various stones and stone products. A home collection of stones and a hobby turned into a professional specialization in the production of natural stone interior finishings, building materials and furnishing products. Her background is that of a highly educated professional and he is a former top athlete, they have also built a home together.

As a family company, the important skills and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation, including values that highlight sustainable technologies, the principles of good stewardship and long lasting relationships with customers, which are taught already from an early age.

Despite its small size, the production capacity of the Põrhjakivi factory is very flexible due to the use of modern and efficient production machinery. Responding flexibly to our customers in this field is important to us.

Sincerely yours,
Teele and Valdi